XAAD (Chi Alpha After Dark)


After Darks happen periodically throughout the school year to build community and invite new people into our community through social events. Meeting locations and times will vary so stay posted by checking out our Facebook and Instagram pages or upcoming events!


We value community! XAAD is a place to get to know your peers and have a great time connecting!


What you might see:


  • City-wide capture the flag
  • Bonfire
  • Swing Dances
  • Rock Climbing
  • Board Games
  • Italian Cream Soda
  • Ski Trips
  • Movie Nights
  • So much more!

Giving you a place to belong and create community is our goal at XA After Dark!


We apologize if some Christians have made you feel like they don’t want you around if you don’t believe the same things we do about Jesus Christ. This is simply not Chi Alpha! Although we hold unwaveringly and passionately to Jesus Christ as the way the truth and the life we won’t force that on you! We want to know you, your story and why you believe the way you do and we love to share the same with you! XA After Dark will allow us to deepen relationships with one another as we spend time having a blast!

Chi Alpha gave me opportunities to be a light to my community.


We are a Spirit-empowered, diverse community of believers on university campuses, declaring in word and lifestyle our faith in Jesus Christ, equipped to fulfill our purpose in God’s global plan.

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