E-26 Groups

(our small group Bible studies)

E-26 Groups (our small group structure) happen throughout the week on and off campus. Times and places coming soon for you can find a group:


Guys meet Wednesday

*Contact Titus for more info at 406-390-1044


Ladies meet Mondays at 7pm and Wednesdays at 4:30pm

*Contact Ashleigh for more info at 208-283-6815

“As iron sharpens iron…” An E-26 group (Element 26 is iron!) is where our faith can be challenged, expressed and exposed. Our faith is fleshed out in community!  Please join us as we seek to encourage each other in the faith.

Small groups are an AWESOME part of our faith! 

  • Brotherhood/Sisterhood—enough said!
  • Learn to live out friendship and fellowship like it is in the Bible!
  • Build one another up in the faith!
  • Make friends that you would have stand up with you on your wedding day!
  • Keep your time at Tech focused on God and nothing else!
  • Stay grounded in the WORD!
  • You pray for others!