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Packing List for Denver
We will go to church on Sunday, then we will spend some time at the houses so bring decent clothes for those things (not fancy, just something besides your work clothes)
We will also be doing a lot of service work, so bring clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty/working in
Be prepared for any kind of weather (I recommend checking the forecast as we get closer) and lots of walking
Keep it appropriate 😉 (Probably not a lot of tank tops – stick to t-shirts and keep everything covered). Pay attention to what t-shirts you pack, make sure that they are appropriate.
Shoes (be sure to have a pair of close-toed shoes for working in)
Sleeping Bag (and sleeping mat if you have one/want to bring one)
Shower Stuff
Small bag/backpack to carry notebook/bible in each day
Cards/games for down times (we may go to a park in our free time if the weather is nice, so if you want to bring a frisbee, soccer ball, kite, etc.)
Water bottle
Money for food on travel days/anything extra
Medications you might need (including motion sickness or ibuprofen, etc.)
*You don’t need to bring computer/ipad/etc.*

When will we be gone?

  • We will leave Saturday, March 12th, at 6:00 am. We will be meeting up in the Journey Church parking lot. From there we will load up the cars and hit the road.–Carpool to the church if you can
  • We should arrive in Denver by 6-6:30 pm. This depends on how long we stop for lunch. 
  • We will be serving with the Shiloh House from March 13th-March 16th.
  • Thursday, March 17th will be our free day. That night we will be driving about an hour outside of Denver to be hosted by A.J.’s family. 
  • Friday, March 18th, we will be on the road by 7:00 am on our way back to Butte. We should be back in Butte by 6-6:30 pm. 
  • Overall trip: March 12th-March18th.

What is the cost?

  • $250
  • $50 deposit is due tonight (2/15/2022). 
  • $50 deposit is non-refundable as it secures your spot on the trip. Opportunity for refund due to a positive COVID test or in the case of an emergency.
  • Meals during the week are covered with the cost of your trip. What you will have to pay out of pocket for is lunch driving there and back, any souvenirs, and the cost of extra activity during the free day. 

Important dates

  • Application due date: February 15th
  • Deposit due date: February 15th
  • Remaining Cost due date: March 8th
  • Leaving: March 12th
  • Come home: March 18th

Who will we serve?

Shiloh House

  • Shiloh House offers youth and families support and services to overcome challenges, enhancing their success in the community.


We as a leadership team want you all to grow in relationship with one another and grow in your relationship with God. The hope is to spend our mornings and evening in devotion, togetherness, and prayer, so we can be prepared each day to serve Shiloh house with humble hearts. The children and people we will meet on this trip desperately need Jesus. We will do our best to allow the spirit of Jesus to shine through and around us. Us serving with Shiloh House will ask us to be flexible because plans might change. We will need to walk in grace for the organization we will be serving. 

While we want you to die to your flesh during this week and be humble in service, we recognize that you’re human. It is not lost to us that it might be a challenging week. If at any point you grow overwhelmed by the work, the stories, interaction, or connection, please know there is grace for you to step back. A minute to breathe and rest can do wonders for a tired soul. Do not be afraid to ask for it. 


What is your vision for this trip?

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